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​Mónika Valerio De Ford

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We´re Fernando Valerio Sánchez 

and Mónika Valerio De Ford,

Independent Immigration Attorneys

At ResidencyPuraVida, we provide the legal advice you need to secure your legal status in Costa Rica.

With over 12 years experience in Immigration, and 50 and 30 years (respectively) as Attorneys at Law and Notary Publics, we are in the best position to advice, guide and represent you through the process of obtaining your legal status in Costa Rica, making it smooth and stress free.

Costa Rica welcomes foreigners who are seeking to enjoy our way of life, peace, warm weather, kindness and political and economic stability.

We welcome people who share our values and principles, who will contribute to a positive change towards efficiency, growth, equal development, and who show respect and appreciation for our culture. 

If you share this vision, we will be glad to assist you.  

Relocating to Costa Rica?

Whether for retirement, investment or professional relocation, we offer you the best service to assure you and your family the smoothest process. We understand that obtaining your legal status is crucial to making your move memorable. 

Costa Rica

According to International Living Magazine, Costa Rica is rated one of the best places to live: 

  • No army since 1948

  • Robust universal, solidary public health system

  • Free, universal, obligatory, public education

  • Warm, friendly and highly educated people

  • Exuberant nature that  holds6% of global biodiversity about 500.000 species in its 51,100sqkm

  • Best weather year round;

  • 98% renewable sources of energy

  • Political, economical and social stability.

As a resident, you will join CCSS and enjoy all of these benefits that constitute the "Pura Vida".

A place to call home

We believe that one of the most transcendent rights for human beings is to find a place to call home. 

Whether your company is relocating you, or you are looking for new opportunities to invest, or just because you want to retire and enjoy the Pura Vida, we understand that the decision to move is of great impact in your life.

Costa Rica captures your heart in a glance and offers wonderful experiences. 

We guide you through the process so you can achieve your dream and make it your home.

Stress-free process

We guide you through the process of obtaining your documents in your country of origin, have them apostilled and legalized, and once ready, we will complete the steps to take in Costa Rica and submit them under the guidelines of their validity period and your entry stamp.

As soon as you have an estimated date for  your documents and arrival, it is important to let us know, so we can request an appointment and make sure to file them on time.

Once your documents are submitted, you are considered legal in the country for immigration purposes.

We will then follow up until we reach the resolution granting your status.

Why Costa Rica?

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Organized and Efficient

We know what it takes to collect your documents in your countries and states of origin. We know how important it is to handle your file correctly so that  everything's done in due time and submitted properly, hence we do our best to grant you the most diligent support during the whole process.

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Flexible and Committed

We recognize that some circumstances are beyond your or our control, and this can vary plans and timings, so we are aware of the possible issues that may rise. In these cases, we offer different alternatives in order to reach the objective.

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Creative & Resourceful

We are updated with the most recent events and regulations with regards to immigration matters, hence, we are ready to evaluate your alternatives with you and create the best strategy according to your needs.