Companies´ Registration


The registration process for companies will apply in accordance with the following categories:


A: Export companies operating under the special regimes of export development directed by COMEX and PROCOMER.

B: Export companies operating outside the special regimes of export development.

C: Tourism, specifically the hospitality businesses with 4 stars and above, airlines registered in the ALA (Airline Association) for both passengers as well as cargo, as long as they have the category of operators.


D: Financial companies supervised or approved by SUGEF such as those in the banking industry, or financial institutions operation outside the banking industry before SUPEN, SUGEVAL; and those in the process of establishing or operating an insurance related business before SUGESE.


E: Telecommunication companies operating or in the process of installation, supervised or registered before SUTEL.


F: Multinationals (with operations in at least 3 countries) that cannot be classified in any of the last categories, whose partner company had decided to open a subsidiary in Costa Rica, fabricating or commercializing products and services.


G: companies awarded in public biddings, as long as the term of the contract exceeds one calendar year. 


There are specific requirements to comply with in this procedure, so if you qualify for this category, please contact us for more information.


If your company is not suitable for this kind of registry, please let us know and we will help you find the best way to apply in order to cover your workers according to your needs.