Documents required

The documents you will need to collect and send in order to start processing your residence request, are the following:


  • Birth certificate

    • Issued by the official authorities where the birth took place, it has to have both parents’ names 

  • Police record 

    • Issued by the corresponding authority, if you come from the US, you will be requested an FBI report as well as the State report from the agency of your last domicile.

  • Marriage Certificate (if married). Women who have changed their names due to previous marriages must bring the documents to prove the name change sequence. 

    • Issued by the authorities of the place where marriage took place.

  • Income proof according to the category through which you will apply.

    • Issued by the official representative of the authorities that grant such income. 


Please make sure all your documents have the same name on them. If you have documents with different names, due to the fact that you have married or changed name during your life, we need the (newly issued, legalized or apostilled) documents proving the name changes, so that the name in the birth certificate can be related to the name in the passport and other documents.


In order to be legal in Costa Rica, all your documents need to be:

  • newly issued (no longer than 6 months prior to filing date -or validity given in your country of origin to the document-)

  • apostilled or legalized 

  • officially translated into Spanish if the original is in a different language.