General Information

Documents Required

Get a list of the documents to collect from your country of origin.

Validity of Documents

How long are your documents valid for?

Apostille or Legalization

You can obtain a description of the legalization of your documents for a stress free process.


If you want to learn about the options you have for application.

We will be happy to advice which are better for you.

Companies Registration

You may get a description of Companies that can be Registered in order to support their workers´ migratory status.

If your company is not in any of these, feel free to ask us and we will help you find the best option.

Steps to Take in Costa Rica

Once we have your documents, there are some additional steps we´ll take you through.

Temporary and Permanent Residency

What kind of residency will you get?


Will you be able to work?

Registration with CCSS

Without an army, Costa Rica has proven during the CoVid19 emergency, that the defense of our people relies on a health system that counts on the best professionals. CCSS is the institution that runs this "army".

Once your status is granted, you will have to join this institution and this will grant you the same protection there is for Costa Ricans.


Will you be able to drive?

Moving with Children

Most valuable treasures have to have special regulations!

Legal Stay, Entry Stamp, Permanent Tourism

How long are you allowed to stay? What is the consequence of overstaying?


What are the expenses you should include in your budget? If you want to get the fee for our services in addition to the expenses, please get registered for a quote.


When moving, you might need to consider some tax implications.

If your case requires any assistance in this matter, we are glad to recommend you to contact Silvia Castro Durán, tax expert at