Restrictions to enter the country, DIMEX, documents, visas and submission of documents extended

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The government has extended the restrictions to enter the country for tourists and non residents as well as residentes or people with a legal status who departed after march 25th at 23:59 hrs until june 30th 23:59 hrs.

Rules regarding validity of documents, visas and terms for submitting remain the same as of May 14th 2020, when, the government published the rules that extend the validity of DIMEX, documents, entry stamps and terms for submission of requested documents previous to a resolution, so that residents are not affected by the emergency.

The immigration Department re-open some services on May 18th and will start accepting new formal submissions, appeals, requests for copies and appointments for renewals after July 18th; the terms for submitting appeals and documents requested by the Immigration Department prior to solving are extended to September 18th, 2020; DIMEX validity period is extended to September 30th, and legal stay and tourism visa are extended to August 18th.

Find your specific case in this document.

7 New terms due to emergency 14-5-20
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