Definition of the category that suits you best according to your circumstances

We will carefully study your circumstances and help you understand the alternatives, pros and cons of each one, in order to establish which is the most adequate for your case and define a strategy and timeline for completion according to your possibilities and needs.

Guidance and feedback during the document collection stage

Although it is the clients´ responsibility to obtain the necessary documentation (a process that involves different jurisdictions, languages and country-specific procedures), we will support this process with the experience of your other clients who collected documents from their states or countries of origin, in order to make the processs as smooth as possible.

Completion of documents and requirements in Costa Rica

Once your documents are in Costa Rica, we will ensure they comply with the official translations, and we will get you fingerprinted, complete the formal request and forms and submit the case for required legal status.

As your representatives, we make sure to handle your case in the most efficient and diligent way.

If need be, we can help you obtain an extension on your entry stamp so that you can submit your documents.

Case follow-up

Once submitted, we will give your case the necessary follow-up to make sure it is smoothly going through the regular process of verification by the Immigration Authorities until we obtain a positive resolution granting you the requested status.

During this time, even though you are considered legal in the country for immigration purposes, we will continue to assist you if the need arises.

Processing your

Costa Rican ID (DIMEX)

Once your status is granted, you will need to register with CCSS at your local EBAIS.

In addition, you will need to make the status fees payments and the first payment for CCSS.

Then, we will process your DIMEX (official identity document issued after the process is over) and go get it with you. 

This will allow you to bank, apply for a Costa Rican Drivers´License, have a PO Box, among many other benefits.

Renewal of temporary residency, change in status, permanent residency or extensions

We can also help you

  • renew your temporary residency,

  • request a change to permanent residency (after 3 years as a temporary resident) 

  • change from one category to a most convenient one according to new circumstances.



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Advanced Plan

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