Image by Robert Collins


Located at the heights of Aserrí, a District south of San José, with the best view of the city, this place seems the perfect spot for providing 17 boys and 21 girls from 6 months to 12 years the sense of dignity God wants for us all to be aware of.

Created at first as a home for children while their mother served her sentence in prison, Hogar Santa María now receives children with no family resources.

They receive support from PANI and JPS as well as private individuals and entities, nevertheless, due to the current circumstances and the fact that these institutions need to cover many more needs, the income for them has been substantially reduced.

At this point, if they don't receive some additional help, they might be forced to close.

We know many of you are committed to help people in need and have become family to many of them.

We want to invite you to join us on this project to save Hogar Santa Maria.

If you want to help, here's how